AdventureWorks database for SQL Azure


In this post we will walkthrough step by step to create AdventureWorks database for SQL Azure. We will use AdventureWorks database for SQL Azure from codeplex. To create follow the step as below,

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Download SQL Azure OLTP from the codeplex site


Step 3

After downloading unzip the file in a folder. After unzipping file open command prompt and change directory to unzipped folder. I have unzipped the file in folder names SQLAzurePortal.


Step 4

Cross check that your machine IP address is in range of the firewall rules.


Step 5

Run the command as following


In case you wonder what is yours SQL Azure Server name, you can check that as following. Log in to SQL Azure portal and right panel you can get information about username and server name


Your command should be as following


After successful installation with data in SQL Azure, you should get following successful message.


Now to verify that whether AdventureWorks database got installed successfully, open SQL Azure portal and in database you should able to see that database has been listed there


In this way you have successfully installed AdventureWorks database on SQL Azure. I hope this post was useful. Thanks for reading


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