Sharing on Facebook using JavaScript

Objective In this post we will see how can integrate our application with Facebook. We will look into how a status, picture or video can be shared on Facebook wall using JavaScript. Expected output is as following Register Application to Facebook Very first we need to register our app on Facebook. We can register that […]

Presented in Pune User Group event

On 16th June 2012 , I got an opportunity to present on Windows 8 Metro Dev for Pune User Group .  It was a descent event with almost 100 audience. I presented on the topic “Windows 8 Metro Application Development using HTML and WinJS” . Please find slides of the session below, I hope you find […]

Detect Internet connection in HTML5

In this quick post we will detect whether browser is connected to Internet or not? There are two ways you can detect it By making a AJAX call and setting the TimeOut property Using HTML5 In HTML5 you can detect it as following, This is supported in all modern browsers. In this way you can […]