Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar‘s SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers: Book review


I have decided not to review this book and requested someone who is having profound understanding on this subject to review this book. I requested Sandeep Kalra to review and give candid feedback. Even though he is always very busy in work and researching, he agreed to do that for me. So a Big Thanks to Sandeep for this review.

About Book

This book is authored by two great people Vinod Kumar and Pinal Dave. Read more about book at below given link,

Review of Book in Sandeep Words

I recently got a chance to do a quick review of the newly released book by Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar titled “SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers for Database Developers and Administrators“. I am an ardent follower of Pinal’s blogs, and have attended Vinod’s after lunch sleep awakening sessions in Tech-Ed, in which he keeps the listeners on their toes with his impressive interactive skills. So when I got a chance to get hands on one of their books, I felt elated.

While I didn’t get time to do a line to line review of each question, some of the key points which I found impressive in the book were:

· Good way to start off with basic concepts. Often, in a project world, we forget the basics on which the whole platform is being built. That is one thing I learned the most from the last architect I worked with: When in doubt, go back to basics rather than trying to quick fix things.

· The points to ponder from SQL Joes 2 books are excellent to refresh/test your existing knowledge.

· Section on Common Developer questions is good for people who are joining firms on entry level.

· I personally liked the section on Common tricky questions; it contains the tricks of trade for performance tuning/indexing/profiler usage. One of my favorite SQL topics. The same goes for DBA diagnostic tool section. Although I haven’t worked as full time DBA in any of my previous positions, but many a times I have performed the role of “accidental DBAs”. This section gives a good collection of things to do when stuck up with production problems.

· General best practices section at the end is the one I would always recommend for any teams starting project development.

Although aimed at preparing people for SQL Interview questions, I don’t mind recommending it to people on projects, as this book gives a good about overview of things to do when in trouble, and things not to do to stay out of trouble. So go ahead, and get your copy

Thanks and Regards,

Sandeep Kalra

About Sandeep


Sandeep Kalra works as a Technology Lead with Infosys in its Microsoft Technology Center. He has 7+ years of experience in designing and developing applications on Microsoft Technologies. His work includes gaining and sharing knowledge of advanced concepts in architecting and designing solutions, and providing the best possible solution to meet the functional and non-functional requirements. He also participates in various architecture review sessions to provide inputs to team as well evaluate work products and share the knowledge at group level as well as company level.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn at

I hope this review is useful to you. Thanks for reading Smile

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  1. Thank you very much Sandeep,

    This is matter of extreme satisfaction when someone finds our book useful. Years of experience and hard work pays off with the feeling of helping one person.

    We are very thankful to all of you!

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