Publish Azure Project using Windows Azure SDK 1.5 Publish Setting wizard

In this post, I will show you step by step walkthrough to publish a cloud project in Windows Azure

Right click on the cloud project and select Publish


Windows Azure publish setting wizard will be open.


First you need to set the credentials. I assume here that you have not set any credential before so choose Add from the drop down


You will get Windows Azure Project Management authentication wizard. First task you need to do is either selected or create certificate for authentication.

Read here to create X.509 certificate

Read here to upload Management certificate

In drop down you will get all created certificate to choose. Select the desired certificate. Select certificate and copy your subscription Id. Give some name to this authentication setting such that you may use it later.


After giving all the required values, it will verify the service management authentication setting from Azure portal.


Once setting is verified, next you will have to choose the hosted service environment to publish the project. I am choosing PivotTestDebugMode-staging environment to publish.


After choosing hosted service environment, you will have to choose storage account from the drop down.


Now choose service configuration would be from Cloud or Local in dropdown.


Now choose build configuration in dropdown.


In last step you need to provide label for publish You can choose either to append date time with label or not.


If you want you can set the debug settings as well. In later posts we will see more on Debug settings J


And after providing the entire required information click on Publish button. You will see Role Modules are being configured.


In bottom you can see the log and status of the deployment.


I hope this post is useful. Thanks for reading Smile

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