Announcement for Windows Azure at Build : What is new ?

In Build couple of interesting stuff on Windows Azure got announced. They are as below,



Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8





It helps to create Metro style applications that may harness capability of Windows Azure . This toolkit contains

  • Application creation guidance
  • Tooling support for Visual studio project template
  • Code as reusable service and libraries

Toolkit supports

  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • Net
  • C#
  • C++
  • VB

Windows Azure SDK 1.5


Windows Azure SDK 1.5 is having updates as below,

  • New Emulator for better adherence between local and cloud development
  • Ability to upload service certificate to csupload.exe
  • Enhance Windows Azure tools for development and debugging
  • ASP.Net MVC 3.0 web roles
  • Multiple service configurations in one cloud project
  • Improved Windows Azure package to catch common errors

Windows Azure Storage


Updated version is having below features

  • Geo replication for Azure table and BLOB. This will replicate data between two locations.
  • New version of REST API to enable functionality improvements for Windows azure Blob, Tables and Queues


Windows Azure Management API

Updated Windows Azure Management API having features as below

  • Ability to roll back in progress configuration updates.
  • Ability to roll back in progress service updates.
  • Ability to perform multiple writes operation on ongoing deployment.
  • . More descriptive status for role instances
  • New API method : Get Subscription

Windows Azure Marketplace



  • New Windows Azure Marketplace would be available in 25 different countries
  • Microsoft Translator API will be available through Market Place
  • Translator can translate in 35 different languages.

Service Bus



  • Improved pub/sub messaging by new features Queues
  • Improved pub/sub messaging by new features Topics
  • Improved pub/sub messaging by new features Subscriptions
  • Improved pub/sub messaging by new features Rules
  • Asynchronous cloud eventing
  • Event driven Service Oriented architecture
  • Advanced intra app messaging

Enjoy Smile new Windows Azure features.  Smile


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