Charts in Windows Phone 7

Today morning I got a call from SQL Server Guru  Pinal Dave and conversation was as below.       So, I started working on this. I decided to go ahead with hard coded data as below,   And function returning data is,       To add chart control on XAML, I added namespace […]

Downloading file as byte array from AZURE BLOB storage in WCF Service

In this post I will show you how you can download a file from AZURE BLOB storage as byte array. Contract To download file client will have to provide ContainerName and filename to be downloaded. Service Implementation Very first you need to add reference of, Microsoft.WindowsAzure Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient Second you need to create connection string to […]

Learn WCF RIA Service: Day 5

Learn WCF RIA Service: Day 1 Learn WCF RIA Service: Day 2 Learn WCF RIA Service: Day 3 Learn WCF RIA Service: Day 4 Using the Silverlight Business Application Template Till Day 4, we have discussed various primary but important aspect of WCF RIA Service and Domain Service class. Today we will learn creating of […]