Presented at Microsoft Mondays

On 16th May 2011, I presented at Microsoft Mondays program.

About Microsoft Monday: This is a program in between Microsoft and Mahindra Satyam. All the participants were from Mahindra Satyam

Topic: WCF REST and DATA Services

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Date: 16th May 2011

Location: Virtual Training [Taken from Microsoft Pune office]

Demo Covered:

1. Creating first WCF REST Service

2. Exploring various hosting options.

3. Managing different type of Data.

4. Working with JSON type of Data in REST Services

5. Consuming REST in Windows7 Phone , Silverlight , Managed client

6. Working with media type in REST [Images]

7. Performing CRUD operation from Silverlight client using REST Services

8. Creating first WCF Data Services

9. Different URI options in WCF Data Services

10. Consuming in Managed Client.

All PPT can be downloaded from DOWNLOAD Section of my Blog and all the posts on REST can be read here

6 thoughts on “Presented at Microsoft Mondays

  1. Wow, that is great.

    The only problem that I am having is the time. 11 am to 1 pm is very hard to manage, but would definitely like to do this.

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