Before we can begin working with AppFabric Service Bus, we need

1. Service Bus Account

2. Namespace in Service Bus Project

In this post, we will walkthrough on creating a new Namespace in Service Bus project.

1. Very first we need to login to Azure portal.

2. After successful login from left tab selcet Service Bus, Access Control & Caching option


3. On selcetion of Service Bus, Access Control & Caching option , we will get Access Control and Service Bus option . We need to select Service Bus option.


4. On selection of Service Bus option we will get subscription listed and on top panel we will get option to create new Namespace.


5. You will be prompted with popup to provide all information regarding new Namespace. We need to make sure that Service Namespace name is unique.


6. After successful creation of Namespace we can see URL at right panel.


7. The base URI of all service end points is ,

When we open the URL in browser, we will get expected output as below



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