MVP 2nd time in Row: A Thanks Note and statistics

Second time in row Microsoft says, I am their “MOST VALUABLE PROFESSIONAL”. All credit goes to community and readers of my blog and articles. Now I am MVP on Connected System Development since 1st April 2010.


A Thanks note …

There are many people who have helped me in this way or other. I thank all of them. Two names deserves special mention,

Abhishek Kant .MVP Lead; Thanks sir for showing your confidence in me once again.

Vinod Kumar , Technology Specialist at MTC Microsoft; Thanks sir to inspire me to be a blogger

But there are three people, I would like to thank from bottom of my heart. They played a vital and inspiring role in my professional career. In alphabetical order something about them are as follows

Anoj Pillai, CTO Global Accounts UST Global


They say “How a resource going to be depends on how is his first manager

Anoj was my first manager. I was just a college pass out when he started managing me at Microsoft Innovation team (MIT) in UST Global. He showed me the path. He motivated me and backed me every time.

Back in September 2008 he told me “DJ why you do not start writing? It would help you in long term. And I see a next MVP in you “. I had no idea what is MVP that time. His confidence in me enabled me to do something different. Even if he is CTO of global account of a company having more than 7000 employee, he never had dearth of time for me. Thanks Anoj for all your support and backing me against every odds in UST. I promise your this disciple will make you proud each and every time.

Mahesh Chand , Founder of


Mahesh, the amount of work he has been doing for community, I do not think anyone is currently doing. He,

1. Writes

2. Enables Authors like me

3. Motivates Authors like me

4. Inspires Authors like me

What he means for me and how much respect I carry for him .I cannot quantify that in few WORDS. Since November 2008 till today, I always felt there is someone out there to help me out in all lows and celebrate with me in all my high. He gave me so respect on his site that I feel myself emotionally attached with c-sharp corner founded by him. He is a leader in true sense.

I thank him with all my emotion and I promise him that I would write for him till I am writing.

Pinal Dave, Blogger & Evangelist at Microsoft


Pinal, Biggest individual blogger of world on SQL Server and obviously he could be inspiration of any blogger so of mine. How a person could be so down to earth? The best about him is “He only looks out for the positive in each individual he meets”. He is an inspiration for me and I always try to copy (unsuccessfully)

1. His style of writing

2. His style of Speaking

3. His consistency [Daily one blog post ]

He is very approachable and always ready to help you. I remember when first time I met him in Tech Ed 2010. I was nervous because he was seating beside me. He took initiative and on very first meeting and for the benefit of community and mine

1. He advised me on blogging

2. He advised me how to reach larger community

3. And He taught me how to be down to earth through his actions.

Since then; he always lends his helping hand to me in all aspect. I thank this golden hearted man from bottom of my heart.


From 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011

Number of Posts: 178

Number of public speaking: 3

In day time, I work for Infosys, so getting above statistics has consumed my many nights and weekendsJ

A note to other Authors who are aspire to be Microsoft – MVP

1. Do not write keeping in mind prizes. Write for bigger pleasure like self-satisfaction and community.

2. Do not write to increase the count.

3. Do not write in hurry. Take your time; your readers are having enough time to wait for your next post.

4. Write on variety of topics.

5. Join twitter and connect with maximum like-minded folks

6. Follow elite bloggers of your technology and translate their posts to more readable format.

7. Write in the way you want to read.

8. Attend as many user events, community events as you could.

9. Be regular and consistent.

10. Last but not least believe in your GOD.

Now a day everyone is writing, so make sure you are writing original contents. Make sure a single article is providing a complete solution to readers.

All my above suggestion was just what I thought. I know, there is astronomical scope for me to improve as well.

Last but not least one name need to be taken here and thats my elder brother Mritunjay Kumar. He is an idol for me since I do not remember years. He is lover of Java  and I am of Microsoft technolgies. We always irritates our parents debating which one is better ?

A heartly thanks to him and his support .

Thanks and happy coding.

8 responses to “MVP 2nd time in Row: A Thanks Note and statistics”

  1. You very kind with words – the real talent is you and your desire to learn.

    I always consider as my younger brother and it will be always like the same.

  2. Congratulations for getting the MVP Award! Once an MVP you are always an MVP.
    It is your hard work that gets you where you are.
    Our job is to enable hard work to get recognition 🙂
    I would leave you with a thought for future – Where do you want to go next? (Spin off from present and past vision of Microsoft).

  3. Dhananjay,

    Abhishek has truly captured the moment – it is great question?

    Every Talent needs future vision and act on the same.

  4. Manas Patnaik

    Good job done ,i like the way you admire your mentors. Wish you lots of luck for future .

  5. Congrats Dhananjay!!!

  6. […] MVP 2nd time in Row: A Thanks Note and statistics […]

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