Video Tutorial on Introducing WCF Data Service

16 responses to “Video Tutorial on Introducing WCF Data Service”

  1. How do I format a date parameter in a Wcf Data service URI?

  2. I am hearing impaired and cannot follow this video.
    How to I gain access to the written material?

  3. MAN try to talk slower, this one sucks

  4. Madhusudhanreddy

    Thank you for the video..jay….guys feel happy some one had taken pain in preparing the video & posting it for us and its appreciable..

  5. Thanks Dhananjay Kumar.

  6. Video is good enough to explain the purpose of WCF Data Service. Good work Dhananjay
    Only thing you need to change in this video is to eliminat the unwanted delay (not working, compaling, etc.) in video and talk bit slow on nead to know bases. This will shorten the video lenght and you can cover larger tranees. Else it is fine for me.

  7. good very useful please post somemore examples

  8. Very useful vedio. Thanks

  9. its a useful video, thanx alot.

    but i have a problem: i did all the steps as u r showin,

    It displays the main page with studen as an entity, but there is an error by loading the url …/students

    This the error message in IE: 404 page not found

    PLZ, can u help me?

  10. It’s very important would anybody answer me PLZ PLZ?

  11. Dhananjay Kumar

    tell me more about your error ..

  12. Very helpfull.Thanks.

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