Query Methods in Roslyn Syntax API

In previous post I discussed about Roslyn Syntax API: First Look . In pervious approach I traversed manually in Syntax Tree to the Method level and started from Compilation Unit level to get the Method Arguments. Rather than manually navigating the Syntax Tree, you can use LINQ to get the parameter in the function. We … Continue reading Query Methods in Roslyn Syntax API

Roslyn Syntax API: First Look

When BUILD was going on, I blogged ROSLYN: Complier as Service? Recently Microsoft released Roslyn CTP and you can download it from here. You can learn more here In this post, I will focus on Roslyn Syntax API. Syntax Tree is used by the compiler to understand the language constructs. Syntax Tree exposed by Roslyn … Continue reading Roslyn Syntax API: First Look

ROSLYN: Complier as Service ?

As a developer I see [rather forced to see] Compiler as a black box. It takes certain input and gives respective output. If I remember my college days classical definition of compiler was, “Compiler is system software which converts high level language in machine instructions line by line “ Compilation process follows certain steps, And … Continue reading ROSLYN: Complier as Service ?