What is Channel in WCF?

In Service oriented architecture there are two parties involved, Server and Client .Server and client communicate to each other via Messages. Message travels over the network. For communication; server and client must be agreed upon Format of message Protocol Transport Encoding of the message etc. Channels are the responsible component of WCF for Creation of … Continue reading What is Channel in WCF?

Calling One-Way WCF Service using IOutputChannel

Note: This post is inspired by one of the chapter from book Essential WCF. I tried to put the content in my way. Thanks to the original author. I strongly recommend you to read this post http://winterdom.com/2007/08/ioutputchanneloverirequestchannel One way communication pattern allows client to send message to service and forget. Client doesn’t have to wait … Continue reading Calling One-Way WCF Service using IOutputChannel