Joined MongoDB

I am very excited to inform you all that I have joined esteem MongoDB starting 5th October 2020.  I have joined the Professional Services Team and will be working from Gurgaon, India. At MongoDB, my primary responsibility is to work closely with engineers and make a world-class training curriculum for them and our customers.  I … Continue reading Joined MongoDB

Union and Intersection of types in TypeScript

Do you know, TypeScript allows union and Intersection of types? Why you need that? Let us assume you need to create a function that checks whether the passed value is boolean true and returns true, otherwise returns null. That function may look like below, function trueOrNull(foo: any): any {     if (foo === true) {         return true;     }     return undefined; } console.log(trueOrNull(88)); // null  As you see, the … Continue reading Union and Intersection of types in TypeScript