Do Angular useExisting providers create a new object of service?

Short answer is NO, the useExisting provider use object created by other tokens. Read on,

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In Angular, providers determine how an object of a particular token gets created. That means whether Angular creates a new object, use an existing object, or use a value etc.

Angular has four types of providers options, they are

  1. useClass
  2. useExisting
  3. useFactory
  4. useValue

Among these four types, the useExisting option uses the object of an existing token. That means it does not create a new object.  To understand it in a better way, let us create two classes

  class Greeting {
    title = 'Hello';
  class FormalGreeting extends Greeting {
    title = 'Greetings';

Next, create injectors to inject dependencies of these classes.

  // Creating Injecting

  const injector = Injector.create([
    {provide: FormalGreeting,useClass:FormalGreeting,deps: []}, 
    {provide: Greeting, useExisting: FormalGreeting}

As you see for the Greeting token, Injector uses the existing token of FormalGreeting using the useExisting provider option.  

Since the useExisting option is used, Angular won’t create a new object for Greeting token and use the existing object of FormalGreeting token.

You can verify that using the below unit test.

  // Unit Test
  it('should use the existing object for Greeeting token', () => {

On running the test, you should get a test passed.

Now if you change the injector to use the useClass option as shown below,

  const injector = Injector.create([
    {provide: FormalGreeting,useClass:FormalGreeting,deps: []}, 
    {provide: Greeting, useClass: Greeting}

And run the test again, you get a failed test because Angular is creating a new object for Greeting token as we are using the useClass provider.

So, in summary, the Angular use existing object instead of creating a new object in the useExisting option.

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