How to deploy an Angular application to GitHub

In this article, we will follow a step-by-step approach to deploy an Angular application to a GitHub. We will create a project using Angular CLI  and then deploy that to GitHub. Let us get started.

Step 1

To create a project using Angular CLI. Run the command:

ng new demo

You need to make sure that Angular CLI is installed globally on your machine.

Step 2

Change directory to demo and open project in VS Code or any other IDE of your choice.  Modify AppComponent to add, subtract, multiply, and divide two numbers as shown in the below listing:

As you can see, that AppComponent is very simple and it contains code to perform basic calculator operations.

Next, modify the AppComponent template


Like the component class template, it is also very simple. It uses:

  • ngModel for two way data binding between input controls and properties
  • event binding to call a function on click of the button
  • interpolation to display the result

Step 3

Before we publish this application to GitHub, let us run it locally. To run it locally, run the command

ng serve

Your application should run on default port 4200 of localhost as shown in the image below:


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