Thanks 2016

I thank each one of you for your support in 2016. It was a great year for me. I have been enjoying evangelism at Infragistics. As part of my job, creating awareness about highly useful Infragistics products among community and customers. Besides my day job, I am very proud to host Angular 2 road show in various Indian cities. So far hosted it in 6 cities and almost 1100 developers attended the full day free workshop on Angular 2.

In 2016, I was able to contribute –

Blog Posts: 27

Workshop/Talk: 19

Webinars: 6

In 2017, I am aspired to work harder and enable more developers for better coding, project and job. If you are from Delhi/NCR region, feel free to join meetup group to get update on my talks or follow me on twitter at 

Also Happy 2017  Smile Smile