How to use NodeJS, Express, and Bower to Create AngularJS apps

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Recently I heard – “IDE makes you ignorant, so do not over rely on the IDE”. Being a .NET developer, we cannot think our lives beyond Visual Studio and hence somewhere we become ignorant. We really don’t care about the behind the scene complexities. We create a project by selecting a specific project template and mange different required packages using the NuGet package manager. Super simple? Isn’t it?

This article may help a .NET developer to use JavaScript at the server and at the client to create an application. NodeJS will run at the server and Angular to create application for the client.


Note: Image taken from the web. A special thanks to original image creator.

We will start with creating an angular application in the Visual Studio and then proceed to create the same angular application using few components of the MEAN stack. We will use NodeJS, Express, Bower to create the angular application.

We will cover the following topics,

  • AngularJS application in Visual Studio
  • Installing the NodeJS on Windows
  • Setting up the sublime text for JavaScript development
  • Installing Bower
  • Installing angular dependencies using the bower
  • Creating angular application
  • Installing Express
  • Creating web server using the express to serve the angular app

Read full article on the Infragistics blog

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