Completed 6 years in Software Industry



24th March is very important date in my life. I started my journey as professional or in simple words I started working on 24th March 2008 after passing engineering in June 2007. Hence today I have completed 6 years as working professional. This has been an exciting journey. In these 6 years, I worked on various projects, under different managers, in three different companies in three different cities. When I look back, I find myself different than what I was on 24th March 2008. I must say this journey has changed me lot.

I have worked for these three companies so far,


On 24th March 2008 I joined UST Global as trainee Software Engineer and worked there till September 2010.

On 10th October 2010 joined Infosys as Senior System Engineer and worked there till June 2012.

On 2nd July 2012 joined Telerik as Developer Advocate and since then working here.

If you are reading this post then you must be knowing that I love to share my learning via my blog. I love blogging and I am sure you also (in case if you) love me for my blog and articles. In last 6 years my journey of blogging is as below,




Clearly seeing above chart you can conclude that I am getting old and momentum of writing posts are getting reduced. Oh God! Help me! I promise to meet your expectation and product quality posts in regular interval.

Whenever I get opportunity I speak in conferences, user groups, colleges. In these 6 years I have delivered around 50 sessions.


In these six years, I have been awarded as Microsoft MVP 4th times, C# Corner MVP 4th times and Telerik MVP 1 time.



would take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your support in my journey. In coming years I will focus on Cloud, Node.js, JavaScript and other technologies.

8 responses to “Completed 6 years in Software Industry”

  1. Dhananjay,

    Awesome achievements in such a little time. Keep on learning and sharing your learnings! God Bless!!!

  2. Congratulations – you are indeed an inspiration to many like us.

  3. Congratulations and go ahead!

  4. Dhananjay Kumar

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Dhananjay Kumar

    Thanks Pinal Dave sir !

  6. Dhananjay Kumar

    Thanks Gaurav sir

  7. Cheers!! Way to go!

  8. Dhirendra Misra

    Really Dhananjay… Your journey is motivating to me.
    Best wishes for your future…Keep up dude..

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