Solved: WWAHost.exe remote endpoint was not reachable error in JavaScript Windows Store App

I was working on my office machine. While working I opened a JavaScript based Windows Store Application. When I tried to run application I got following exception,


I was baffled due to this exception. After sort of research I found that I was on VPN. I have no idea why on VPN this exception occurred. But to get rid of this exception you need to follow these two steps

  1. Closed all connections to VPN
  2. Restart machine

After performing above two steps you should not get above exception. I hope this quick post is useful. Thanks for reading.

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Dhananjay Kumar

Dhananjay Kumar is Developer Evangelist for Infragistics. He is a 8 times Microsoft MVP and well respected Developer Advocate in India.He is the author of 900+ Blog Posts, and can often be found speaking around India at conferences and hosting free workshops for programmers across the country. So far, he has hosted 60 free workshops on various topics like JavaScript, Angular, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Azure etc. Follow him on twitter @debug_mode for all the updates about his blog posts and workshops. You can send him email at debugmode [at] outlook [dot] com

One thought on “Solved: WWAHost.exe remote endpoint was not reachable error in JavaScript Windows Store App”

  1. i am developing a music app for windows store, want to add live tile feature to it.. but due to some reason, the Background Task isn’t debugging ….. error occurs saying “Background Task.background task cannot be activated.. activation failed… Any solution ??

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