Getting Started with Windows Azure Active Directory

On 8th April 2013 Microsoft announces general availability of Active Directory on Windows Azure.

Read Product Team Blog here


To start working with Windows Azure Active Directory login to portal. In the side bar you will get option of Active Directory as shown in below image,


On clicking of Active Directory you will get message that no Active Directory being created so far. To create click on CREATE YOUR DIRECTORY


In next screen you need to provide

  • Domain name
  • Choose Country or region from drop down.
  • Organization name


After successful creation of Active Directory you can perform following four operations on that

  • Working with Users
  • Working with Apps
  • Working with Domains
  • Working with Directory Integration

On User tab you will see there is no User added. You can add users to directory by clicking on ADD USERS in bottom


On next screen you need to provide type of user and User Name. Among two types of users you can choose from drop down

  • New User in Organisation
  • User with Existing Microsoft Account


Now you need to create User Profile. Here you need to provide First Name, Last Name, Display Name and Role of user. There are two types of roles available

  • User
  • Global Administrator


This is last step of creating user. You can configure temporary password and send it on alternative Email of newly added user.


Once user is successfully added you can view user in Grid on selecting User tab.


I am very excited with public availability of Active Directory on Windows Azure. In further posts I will discuss more on Windows Azure Active Directory platform. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.

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