WebBrowserTask and MediaPlayerLauncher in Windows Phone

In this post, we will see WebBrowserTask launcher and MediaPlayer launcher.

WebBrowserTask launcher launches web browser application and display specified URL. This is defined as below,


You can set target URL either as string or as Uri. User will be asked for the confirmation. You can navigate to a URL as below,

WebBrowserTask webBrowserTask = new WebBrowserTask();
webBrowserTask.Uri = new Uri("http://debugmode.net", UriKind.Absolute);

On running you will be navigated to given URL as below,


MediaPlayerLauncher is used to launch media player application and play the video from specified URL. This class is defined as below,


You can set desired controls of media player to be shown to user. Available media player controls are as below.


If you want to show more than one control to the user then you need to append them using OR operator and set them as value of control property.


You can also specify location of the media file in MediaLocationType property. MediaLocationType takes one of three values.




Install represents application installation directory, Data represents isolated storage and None value need to be set for external media.

You can play media with file from isolated storage as below,

MediaPlayerLauncher mediaPlayerLauncher = new MediaPlayerLauncher();

mediaPlayerLauncher.Media = new Uri("SongVideo.wmv", UriKind.Relative);
mediaPlayerLauncher.Location = MediaLocationType.Data;
mediaPlayerLauncher.Controls = MediaPlaybackControls.Pause |
mediaPlayerLauncher.Orientation = MediaPlayerOrientation.Landscape;


In this way you can work with MediaPlayerLauncher.

In this post we discussed on WebBrowserTask and MediaPlayerLauncher. You may need to call these native applications from your app. I hope this post is useful. Thanks for reading.

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