Debugging WCF Service from Silverlight: The Breakpoint will not currently be hit at WCF Service error


  1. Binding configuration at WCF has debugging enabled
  2. Cross domain problem has been take care of since WCF and Service is running on different servers.
  3. Visual studio is running in administrator credentials or credentials having enough permission to debug on server.

While working today I came across a requirement to debug WCF Service from Silverlight and it took me one hour to find the solution, I had above three assumptions met and I was not able to debug WCF Service from Silverlight.

I had architecture of solution as below,


There is nothing unusual in above architecture. I had Silverlight, Web Application and WCF as part of the same solution. Problems came when I tried to debug WCF service from Silverlight. I was getting below information at breakpoint in the service side and I was never able to hit the service while debugging.


I binged lot but did not get quiet good solution suggesting solving this. Eventually I found it very simple way to solve this.

Follow steps as below to hit the breakpoint in the service ,

Set web application as Startup project


Put breakpoint on Xaml.cs and run Silverlight application and once hitting breakpoint on XAML page stop for a while


While breakpoint on XAML is in hit select Tool from the menu and choose Attach to Process option


And then attach WCF host server.


Once after attaching WCF host server you should able to hit the breakpoint in WCF Service from Silverlight.

I hope this post was useful. Thanks for reading.

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4 responses to “Debugging WCF Service from Silverlight: The Breakpoint will not currently be hit at WCF Service error”

  1. Hi,
    I have a bit different.problem.. I have one WCF Service which I hosted in one Website. then For Client I have One Silverlight Application which is hosted in other Web Application. But now I am not able to debug any code in Silverlight itself.. Can you please help me solving this issue..

    Thanks for your time and help.

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