Changing Application Tile in Windows Phone 7

When you create a Windows Phone 7 application, by default newly created app will have

  • Title
  • Background Image
  • Icon

Value set to default as below ,


If you will notice by default Title would be the same as of name of the Windows Phone Application project.

On running you will get Application tile as below,


If you want to change the default values for Application Tiles, very easily you can do that. Follow the below steps

Step 1

Right click on the application in solution explorer and add an existing item. Select and image and upload it. I have added an image named OData-logo.png in the application.

Step 2

Right click on OData-logo.png and click on Properties


Change Build Action to Content from Resource.


Step 3

Right click on the application in solution explorer and click on Properties .In properties windows select application tab and here you can change the default values. In drop down for Icon and background image, now you will get OData-logo.png image also to select from.


I have changed value of title and chosen as Icon image. Save the setting and run the application.


Now you can see title and icon for the application have been changed.

I hope this post was useful. Thanks for reading Smile

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