New Ways of Accessing Data : Presenting in Kolkata Community Tech Days

Hi Friends I will be delivering a session in Kolkata Community Tech Days on 2nd July.


Read Kolkata session details here

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Session details are as follows,

Rotary Sadan
94/2 Chowringhee Road
Kolkata – 700020

Date: 2nd July 2011

Title: New ways of accessing your Data


This demo oriented session will explore various newest way of accessing data. Session would contain explanations and demo on LINQ, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL Azure, ADO.Net Entity Model and OData. Data consumption and manipulation from rich clients like Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 would be also covered in the session.

Demo would probably contain below topics


  • Applying LINQ against data in memory
  • LINQ to SQL Class ORM
  • Performing CRUD operation using LINQ to SQL Class
  • Stored Procedures in LINQ to SQL
  • Applying LINQ to data as XML
  • Logging and Connection string in LINQ to SQL
  • Data in cloud [SQL Azure] and LINQ

2. ADO.Net Entity Model

  • Creating Data model using ADO.Net Entity model
  • Performing CRUD operation using ADO.Net Entity model
  • SQL Azure with ADO.Net Entity model


3.  OData

  • Understanding OData
  • Exposing CRUD operation on Data using WCF Data Service
  • Stored Procedure with WCF Data Service


Consuming Data in different types of client like Silverlight, Mango Phone etc

Please be there. See you on 2nd July  Smile

3 responses to “New Ways of Accessing Data : Presenting in Kolkata Community Tech Days”

  1. I attended the session and was deeply impressed ! I wish there are more such developer meetups in future.

    By the way, where can I get the Slides, Videos and photos of the whole event ? And is there an official blog containing information about the event in Kolkata ( found the one in bangalore) .

  2. Thanks Shoubhik for great presentation at Kolkata. I have very impressed. Time was bit short but content and possibilities with Visual Studio 2010 are remarkable.

    Thanks again.

  3. […] New Ways of Accessing Data : Presenting in Kolkata Community Tech Days […]

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