Presented at Mindracker MVP Summit: 15-16th April 2011

Presented at Mindracker MVP Summit: 15-16th April 2011

I got an opportunity to be part of first ever Mindcracker MVP summit held on 15th – 16th April in Delhi India. Summit was in a Country Inn five star hotel. Best part of summit was Mindcracker Network took care of all expenses from travelling to accommodation of the speakers.


About Mindcracker Networks

Mindcracker network is network of community sites and is having more than 4 million registered users. It was founded by Mr Mahesh Chand long back in 1999. Mindcracker networks consist of below community sites so far.

About my Presentation


In this very esteem summit, I presented on “Cloud and Windows Azure “. Audiences were very live and had very good prior knowledge on Windows Azure. I started with usual introduction of Cloud and Windows Azure. I demonstrated,

1. Hosting of ASP.Net Web Application in Web Role.

2. How to migrate local Database to SQL Azure.

3. Connecting ADO.Net, LINQ , SSMS etc. to SQL Azure

4. Different types of Roles etc.

Mr Mahesh Chand also presented me a token of appreciation as being MVP clip_image003

It was great to be part of first Mindcracker summit. I am looking very forward for next Mindcracker summit.


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