Presented at Azure Boot camp: Pune 9th April 2011

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I must say “Pune user group delivered an effective Azure Boot Camp “. On a Saturday, it was nice to see more than 50 participants. Somehow I was disappointed because I had information that more than 220 people registered for the event. However, on any day 50 is descent number for any event. There were 6 sessions lined up for the day

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and Windows Azure platform

2. Cloud and Windows 7 Phone

3. Introduction to VM Role

4. Introduction to App Fabric and Access control

5. All About Marketplace

6. SQL Azure to .NET Developer

I presented on the topic “SQL Azure to .Net Developer”.


Although my session was last session at 4.30 PM, I had more than 40 participants. Since my session was last for the day, I had been thinking to interesting and out of the box start. I started session with most popular 30 second video “DEVELOPER DEVELOPER DEVELOPER “.



After seeing this video crowd was set for the session. I set the expectation to the audience that session would be DEMO and CODE oriented.


My first slide left the audience with a smile because I did not directly answer the question “What is SQL Azure Database? “ And I told them there are About 5,480,000 results (0.11 seconds) on the Google so there is no need for me to preach on this, just let us start coding.

I started with a look on new SQL Azure portal. And I gave demo on the below topics.


It was fun for next 55 minutes. I enjoyed writing code in front of more than 40 people. Audience got really excited when they saw a web application completely created and hosted before their eyes in the azure.

I conclude here with saying, it was a nice learning and motivating experience for me delivering at Pune Azure Boot Camp.

3 responses to “Presented at Azure Boot camp: Pune 9th April 2011”

  1. Developer ! Developer ! Developer !

    Like the way you presented For IT People By IT People…
    Awesome … Wonderful … Great … Keep IT Up …

    From Last there months attended many Azure/ Cloud Sessions but you were done it … First Live App from scratch to Cloud…

    Me and My friends Whom i forced to attend for first time told me its worth giving whole Saturday after weekdays hectic schedule . They enjoyed a lot .

    Thanks to Gaurav & Sanjeev for supporting PUG events 🙂

    Will be looking for more… and Very sure you and PUG will give more than what we expect 🙂

    Also like to thanks for all topics covered by Mayur , Aviraj and others .


  2. Congratulations DJ! Really We rocked Azure Camps acrossed the cities

    Here is Hyderabad event details
    Please share your presentation slides

  3. […] Presented at Azure Boot camp: Pune 9th April 2011 […]

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