What is XAP file in Silverlight?

Target Audience: Beginners in Silverlight When you start learning Silverlight and create your first Silverlight application, one thing you will notice XAP file along with HTML and ASPX files. First time after running your Silverlight application you can see XAP file in client bin folder. Before running of Silverlight application, you will not find XAP … Continue reading What is XAP file in Silverlight?

AutoCompleteBox in Silverlight 4.0

Target Audience: Beginners AutoCompleteBox control is part of Silverlight 4.0 SDK. It allows us to have a Google style text box. It works like below, AutoCompleteBox will look for suggestion in IEnumerable list. Create a DataSource to find the suggestion Very first let us create a Country Class. This class will serve as Entity class. … Continue reading AutoCompleteBox in Silverlight 4.0