Sharing port between WCF Services in netTcpBinding

WCF allows us to share the port between Services in TCP connection. For HTTP connection is allowed on IIS using HTTP.SYS Service.

By default port sharing for TCP connections are disabled. So to use port sharing between services using netTcpBinding , we need to first enable this windows service on the server .

To enable service we have two options.

First option is through command prompt

1. Open command prompt as administrator

2. Run the command c:\Windows\System32> net start NetTcpPortSharing


Second option is

1. Click on Start Button

2. Select Run option

3. Type Services.msc in Run window


4. In all listed service select and right click Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service .Choose properties. If Startup type is disabled then change it to Automatic. After changing Start up type click on Start button to Start the service.


Net.Tcp Port sharing service is running. Next step we need to do is to configure WCF service to share the port.


In this way we can enable port sharing .

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