Report on Community Tech Days Ahmedabad: 11th December 2010


It was a cold December morning but as usual energetic Ahmedabad crowd was there on the venue to attend the full day sessions from various speakers on various latest topics on Microsoft technologies.

There were 6 sessions scheduled for the day. And all speakers were veterans (Excluding me) and well known for their ability to articulate the complex technical stuff in simple word targeting all types of audiences.

This time in Ahmedabad hall was quiet big so all the audiences got accommodated very easily. And there were no shortage of space as of July CTD event of Ahmedabad.


SQL Tips for .Net Developers: This was the first session of the day and Jacob Sebastian was as usual at his best. Needless to say that he is best when it comes to delivering SQL Server to wide range of audience again he done justification to his name with great session. It was a very informative session.

Best Database Practice for SharePoint Server: Pinal Dave was speaking on this topics and he is just an inspiration when he is on dais preaching about technology. He is awesomely articulated. He knows the art of connecting audience. The way he demonstrated the topic, audience was unable to put their eyes off from the projector screens. The way he mixes light sentences in between intense technical discussion makes his session very unique and that what he known for. His session was great and audience face had smile after the session.

Self Service Business Intelligence: Speaker on this topic was Rushabh Mehta. What I can say about PASS president and international speaker. I was amazed seeing his very much demo oriented session. He made such a complex topic so easy in front of audience. He demonstrated BI in EXCEL to SharePoint. I consider myself lucky that I heard him live.

Managing your future, managing your time: This session was just after lunch on a lazy winter day. And to keep audience awake after lunch, you cannot get better speaker than Vinod Kumar. He is best in speaking all we know. He started with a great self-motivating video. He talked about all points we need to focus as professional. Crowd was so excited listening him that it was unable to find the session was just after lunch. After a great motivating talk, he stared talking about SQL server. He moved from basic to complex in SQL server talk. Session was more than best for any level of audience.

Improve Silverlight application with Threads and MEF: If you need to understand a very complex topic just listen a session on topic from Prabhjot Singh Bakshi . He is a story teller. How easily he explained MEF (a complex pattern) to audience. All we were excited listening him. His inclusion of Hindi language one liners in between is awesome. Session was very useful.

Integration of SharePoint 2010 with Windows 7 Phone : This demo based session was delivered by me. I show demo on

1. Creating first WCF REST Service

2. Consuming REST in Windows 7 Phone : Picture Gallery application

3. Fetching SharePoint 2010 list data in Windows 7 phone.

At the end of the day, it was a very useful event for the Microsoft community. I would like to thank Ahmedabad User group members for such a nice event.

One response to “Report on Community Tech Days Ahmedabad: 11th December 2010”

  1. You presented relatively short session but the material in the session was very intense and very educating.

    I got three request afterwords to request you to present “only” demo based sessions from you next time.

    I think you have won the heart of the community over hear! A real hands on rock star – Dhananjay Kumar

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