Setting up the Firewall on local system/computer to connect to SQL Azure

If we want to connect to SQL Azure from local system then we need to create an exception at local firewall for TCP port 1433.

Follow the below steps to create Exception on Windows 7 machine

Step 1

Click on Start button and then in Search text box type Firewall.


Step 2

You will able to see on top under Program tab , Windows Firewall with advanced security


Step 3

Right click on Windows firewall advanced security and select run as administrator


Step 4

You will get the below window


Step 5

Click on OutBound rules and then create on New Rules


Step 6

Now select PORT radio button and click Next


Step 7

Select TCP and Specific Remote port radio button.

In specific port address give port number 1433 to allow local system to connect to SQL Azure.


Step 8

Click Next , select Allow the Connection radio button.


Step 9

Click next and select all the option in check box.


Step 10

Click Next then give name and description to rule and click on Finish button


Now after this step we have created rule at local firewall to connect to SQL Azure

5 responses to “Setting up the Firewall on local system/computer to connect to SQL Azure”

  1. I was just shwoing to beginners , how to put exception at local system … in my next I gona show when we do test connection on SQL Azure data base . local firwwall must have exception on the port 1433 . Thank you for comment

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