Normally when we host a WCF Service i9n IIS and while browsing we get the below frustrating screen


Error message in above screen is very clear. We need to add MIME type for .SVC extension.

To solve above problem

1. Open command prompt as Administrator

2. Navigate to C:Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v3.0


3. Type the command

ServiceMode1Reg.exe –i


Now MIME type has been registered for the .Svc extension and you should not face any problem , hosting WCF Service in IIS.


2 thoughts on “HTTP Error 404.3 : WCF Hosted in IIS. Add a MIME type

  1. HI, I have that error, but I have Framework 4.5 and when i run ServiceModelReg.exe –i from framework4.5 directory it says that it is not supported in that widows plataform.. My Windows is 2012. Any Idea how can i solve that problem? Thanks

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