Fixing of ODATA or WCF Data Service Client library bug for Windows7 Phone

Note: I would like to thank Tim for his solution and this article has been referred to his this

You can see video on this article


When you download ODATA or WCF Data Service client library for Windows 7 phone and extract the System.Data.Service.Client.dll to some location and add this reference to your project. After adding this reference, when you run your application in emulator, you get DEPLOYEMNT FAILED error. This article, will explain how to fix this bug and continue using WCF Data Service client library for Windows 7 phone application.


I have assumed here that you have downloaded, ODATA or WCF Data Service client library for Windows 7 phone from below line

After download from here, run this, you will get the below screens



Extract the dll in a particular directory. Let us say you are extracting that in D:\DemoFolder. So, in this folder, you will have below three files.


So, here you are having System.Data.Service.Client.dll library. You need to add this as reference in your Windows7 Phone application to Consume WCF Data Service.


Now when you add this reference in your windows7 phone application and try to run the application, you will find you are not getting any compile time error but your application is not loading. You may get below error message. You will get deployment error message.




To solve this deployment error, you need to follow below steps

1. Download power shell script from

2. Save the power script in the same folder where you have put your DLL.

3. Open the power script window, and run the script. see the video here

Command to be run

1. Navigate to folder, where you copied and pasted ODATA client library DLL and Power shell script, you downloaded in previous step.

2. Once you navigate to folder, you will able to see power scrip file you downloaded in previous steps.

Now just run the below command

.\wp7ctpfix.ps1 .\System.Data.Services.Client.dll


Now a new dll will get created in the same folder. Add this dll in your Windows7 phone application and you would be able to use the client library. Thanks for reading. I hope, this post was useful. Happy Coding.

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