How to add user in SharePoint site


In this article, I am going to show step by step, how to add an existing windows user to SharePoint site.


Click on Site Actions. then click Site Settings.

Step 2

In Users and Permission tab click on People and Groups


Click on New and then select Add Users option.

Step 4

Add User section

Give name of the user or SharePoint group you want to add.






Step 5

Give Permission section

Here there are two options

  1. Add user to existing SharePoint groups. User will have same permission as of the SharePoint group.
  2. Give permission directly to the user.


There are four SharePoint groups’ permissions

  1. Full Control
  2. Read Only
  3. View Only
  4. Contribute

If we are adding the user to existing groups they will have permission like said above.

Other option is we could give permission directly.

Select any permission of your choice.



Now after clicking Ok, you could able to see user name added with the permission, we specified.

I added the user Dhananjay with permission full control.

Note: Dhananjay is existing window user. So make sure whatever user you are adding is existing window user.



So user is addeed congrats :


In this article, we saw how to add an existing windows user to a SharePoint site. Thanks for reading.

Happy Coding

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  1. hi could i know how to display all site users to display in spgridview using userprofileservice.asmx web services

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