Walkthrough on Configuring SSP in MOSS 2007


This article will give walkthrough step by step to how to configure SSP in MOSS 2007.

Step 1

On the SharePoint administration home page, click the Application Management tab.

Step 2

Now from Office SharePoint Server Shared Services click on Create or configure this farm’s shared services.

Step 3

From Managed this Farm Shared Service selects or click New SSP

Step 4

On New Shared service provider page click on Create New Web Application.

Step 5

  1. Provide the port number. I am creating on port 10000
  2. Provide the user name for the web application. Make administrator as user for this web application.
  3. Leave other settings as default. Do not modify anything else.

Click OK to create a new Web Application.

Step 6

SSP name section

Now choose from dropdown the Web Application, you just created. Don’t modify any other default value here in this section.

Step 7

My Site Location section

Choose the same web application you created for the My Site

Step 8

SSP Service Credential

Provide username and password for the account under which you want to run the SSP. Please make sure user is a domain user. User is not member of any security group.

Step 8

SSP Database

For this section leave the default settings.

Step 9

SSP Search Database

For this section leave the default settings.

Step 10

Index Server

Select the Index server over here.

Step 11:

SSL for web services

Select No here.

Step 12

Click OK on any warning message.

Step 13

You will be getting a Success message.


I have shown in this article, how to configure a SSP for MOSS 2007.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Coding J

2 responses to “Walkthrough on Configuring SSP in MOSS 2007”

  1. Thank u.

    Efficient artical

  2. I have been able to create SSP and configure search correctly with no issues. I cannot figure out how to correctly configure the SSP once I enable SSL. Can you provide some help, please?

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