In this tutorial , I will give step by step pictorial representation of installing Silver Light 4.0 Beta.

Minimum Requierment 

 Silver Light 4.0 beta can only be installed in Visual Studio 2010.

Step 1

Install Silver Light 4.0 developer run time

Link to dwonload Developer runtime  is below,


 After downloading , just run the application. Follow the steps as given below.

 Now Silver Light 4.0 run time has been installed on your system.

Step 2

Install Silver Light 4.0 SDK

Download Silver Light 4.0 SDK from below link and install it,


Upto this Step Silver Light 4.0 SDK has been installed on your system.

Step 3

Install Blend for Silver Light 4.0

Download  from below link


and install Belnd 4.0 Beta for Silver Light 4.0 .

Step 4

Install Silver Light 4.00 toolkit

To install Silver Light toolkit download from below link


Now Silver Light 4.0 toolkits has been installed on your system. 

After installing you should able to Silver Light Configuration wizard in Start menu. Like below.

And in visual studio , you should able to get all Silver Light 4.0 project templates.


In this tutorial ,  I shown how  to install Silver Light 4.0 Beta on Visual Studio 2010. Thanks for reading.


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