Two common tasks using jQuery

In this post we will take a look on how to perform two common tasks using jQuery . We will see how following tasks can be performed, Reading and setting text of label Reading value of selected item from drop down Reading and setting text of label Let us say you have label on HTML […]

Arrays in JavaScript

In JavaScript Arrays are an object. You can create Array is JavaScript as following   An array element can be accessed using its index. For example if you want to read banana, you will read that as following,   Likely Array of other languages, JavaScript array index also start from zero. The other way to […]

Constructors in JavaScript

In this post we will learn to create a JavaScript type using a constructor. Let us suppose we was to create a type called Product. We can create that as following, Above we have created a type called Product. Now we can create an object of type Product as following. You can access a particular […]