What are getters and setters in JavaScript

In JavaScript, you may have heard of getters and setters. Let’s take a look at what these things are.First, a setter is used to set the value of a property. A setter gets called each time the value of the property is changed. In other words, it executes a function for each time a property … Continue reading What are getters and setters in JavaScript

JavaScript Object Property Descriptors

In JavaScript, you can create an object literal as shown in the listing below:At first sight, it looks like the object cat has two properties with a string and number value. However, it’s much more than that to a JavaScript interpreter. In ES5, the concept of a Property Descriptor was introduced. Before we go ahead … Continue reading JavaScript Object Property Descriptors

Simplifying Content Projection in Angular

In Angular, content projection is used to project content in a component. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:Content projection allows you to insert a shadow DOM in your component. To put it simply, if you want to insert HTML elements or other components in a component, then you do that using concept … Continue reading Simplifying Content Projection in Angular

Arrow functions in JavaScript

The JavaScript arrow function is a shorter way of writing a function expression that was introduced in ECMAScript 6. Usually in JavaScript, you can create a function in two ways:Function as statement Function as expressionA function statement can be created as shown below:The same function can be created as a function expression as shown below:ECMA … Continue reading Arrow functions in JavaScript

Simplifying function hoisting in JavaScript

To understand function hoisting, let us start by considering the code listed below:In any other programming language, the output here would be a reference error. However, in JavaScript you will get undefined as the output. Why? Because JavaScript hoists variables at the top of the execution context. An execution context could be the function in … Continue reading Simplifying function hoisting in JavaScript

What is the arguments object in a JavaScript function?

A JavaScript function has array-like objects called arguments which correspond to the arguments passed to the function. All arguments passed to a JavaScript function can be referred using the arguments object.  Now as we get started, let’s consider the code listed here:In the above function, num1 and num2 are two arguments.  You can refer to … Continue reading What is the arguments object in a JavaScript function?

What is a Default Parameter in a JavaScript function?

A JavaScript function can have default parameters values. Using default function parameters, you can initialize formal parameters with default values. If you do not initialize a parameter with some value, then the default value of the parameter is undefined. While calling function foo, you are not passing any parameter, so the default value of variable … Continue reading What is a Default Parameter in a JavaScript function?