Launched Video Blog: Watch to Learn with Dhananjay Kumar

I am excited to announce that, I have started a new video blog



On this blog, I will  focus on MEAN stack, C#, Azure, JavaScript etc. To start with I have published 5 episodes. Feel free to provide feedback such that we can together learn better.

I will try to keep Watch to Learn free. However you can support me with the donations. Feel free to subscribe and share.


Last Day at Telerik

Dear Readers, Friends and Followers,

It is rule of the nature that every good things come to an end so my journey with Telerik. I write this blog post to inform you that today 6th May 2014 is my last working day at Telerik .

I cannot express in words the joyful experience I had at Telerik. Telerik is place consist of best people from industry to work with. As part of my job I was evangelizing greatest of the products to developers and test professionals and I enjoyed each bit of that.

I was hired by none other than hero and inspiration of all of us Stephen Forte after being interviewed at TechEd India in April 2012. I joined Telerik on 2nd July 2012 and since then it has been great learning experience for me. I thank Steve for all confidence and trust in me.


I was part of Telerik DevRel or Evangelist Team which is headed by Rey Bango. Rey is true leader and always there to help you and bring best out of you. In my team I had seniors like John Bristow who helped me whenever I needed him and made me better. I was always in learning mode among awesome team members like TJ VanToll , Burke Holland , Brian Rinaldi , Jeff Fritz , Michael Crump , Jim Cowart , Sam Basu, Rob Lauer , Brandon Satrom , Lohith Kashyapa. I had great learning time with my ex-team mates Jim Holmes , Carey Payette and Phil Japikse as well.

I am going to miss intense technical demonstration to customers, presenting Telerik products to community and developers, writing blog posts to make developers life easier using products, creating apps using awesome Telerik Platform and more over Telerik family. However it is not an end, I am a developer and you may see me soon creating killer apps or products using awesome Telerik products.


So this is final good bye from,

Dhananjay Kumar (DJ),

Developer Advocate


Take care ! Happy Coding .

Announced: Winners of Dan Wahlin AngularJS jump start course


Recently I ran a competition in which you had Chance to get free Access to Dan Wahlin AngularJS jump start course worth 60$

I have selected 10 winners random from comments, tweets and FB. I am pleased to announce their name below,

  1. James Kell
  2. DiptiMaya Patra
  3. Lokesh Kondeti
  4. Rahat Khanna
  5. Sonam Kumar
  6. Mike Shaffer
  7. Satyaprakash
  8. Sunny Kumar
  9. Gokul Dhal
  10. jared ostyn

To claim your access I request all winners to send me a mail on

If you have been not selected as winner sill you can avail 50 % discount on course here . You have another opportunity to win free access of course if you are coming to C-SharpCorner Conference 2014 on 12th April in Delhi. Tickets of this conference has been sold out but if you are really interested in attending send me a mail on same too.

Last but not least once again a big thanks to Dan Wahlin for his support.