Conducted a two-day Angular workshop for Engineering students from Rural India

If you wish to change a country, start with villages and rural parts.

India is a land of talented young minds, and all of them could not be found on Twitter or in the big cities. So, to teach and put them on the right path, one has to travel to the remotest part of this vast country. So, I, with Shivprasad Koirala, traveled almost 1750 KM from Delhi to SGM College Kolhapur to teach Angular to around 100 students from various engineering colleges in that region. These young students were highly talented, inquisitive, and innocent with dreams in their eyes, and I had a fantastic time teaching them Angular.

In 2 days of the workshop, students learned about the following things:

  1. What is an API
  2. What is a package.json
  3. What is npm
  4. Installing Angular CLI
  5. Creating the first Angular application
  6. Data Binding in Angular
  7. Using directives such as *ngFor, *ngIf to display data
  8. Creating custom pipes
  9. Basic routings
  10. Creating basic service
  11. Consuming API for GET operations

I was amazed to see participation from the students and how quickly all of them grasped the concepts. They all created essential apps, and in my opinion, now they are on the path to becoming good Angular developers.

I must mention here that this was not possible without the vision of SGM college management, their faculties, and the Shivprasad Koirala Finishing School Initiative. I tender my sincere thanks to,

  • Dr. Sanjay Chavan, Director of SGM college. His work in this region to enable students in the engineering and the medical field is admirable.
  • Swami sir, HOD of Computer Science Department, SGM College, for his proactivity to help students in becoming Job-Ready
  • Mahesh Sir, Professor in Computer Science Department, SGM College. He perfectly felicitated the whole event.
  • Last but not least, Shivprasad Koirala sir and Questpond for their fantastic work in enabling students with Finishing Schools in India and Nepal.  

I love teaching and enabling the developer community and would again love to go to the villages and remotest part of India to help them learn the latest technologies to become Job-Ready Developers.

These students were really good and you may meet some of them in ng-India. Happy Coding.

3 responses to “Conducted a two-day Angular workshop for Engineering students from Rural India”

  1. Mahesh Shankar Bhandigare

    It was a great experience with you.pleasure to listen to your wise words and learn so much from it..

  2. Swapnil Aryan

    Hello Dhanjay sir…this is Swapnil Aryan…and I am the witness of your whole 2 days workshop…it was very pleasant experience to learn angular from you in very simpler manner because you teach very complex concepts in very simple way …which I like the most about your teaching skills and I am very much thankful to Shiv sir because of them rural students get such great experience to learn from such a great personality like you..i am hoping that like Shiv sir you will also take such good initiative to train rural area students and teachers as they have lack of resources and high quality trainer even though they have ability to explore their talent but didn’t get such great platform like ng India.. so once again thank you Shiv sir and Dhanjay sir for such great experience….i hope we will meet again for such good cause.

  3. Chintamani H Kambale

    Very Nice workshop.

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