Joined MongoDB

I am very excited to inform you all that I have joined esteem MongoDB starting 5th October 2020.  I have joined the Professional Services Team and will be working from Gurgaon, India.

At MongoDB, my primary responsibility is to work closely with engineers and make a world-class training curriculum for them and our customers.  I look forward to working under the leadership of Jon Rangel.

In this pandemic, this opportunity came as a blessing, and I grabbed it with both hands. In the last one and half months, I have learned MongoDB from my mentor John Page and can now easily explain to you MongoDB Replication, which schema design is right for your query, or help you integrate your Angular App with MongoDB Realm. MongoDB is a product with many features, and I look forward to learning them all in the coming months.

I started my career in 2008, and MongoDB is the 5th organization I will work for. So far, my career progression is:

I have always been a Developer Advocate and loved enabling customers for success, and my role as MongoDB is close to that in which I will be involved with creating training content for engineers who directly work with customers, and I am very excited about the opportunities ahead.

How about ng-India and geek97?

As you know, <geek97/> is the community to create job-ready developers and also organize one of the world’s largest and India’s original Angular conference, ng-India. Also, MongoDB is always committed to supporting community growth. Hence my work for the geek97 community would be exactly like before, and I will bring the best learning from you through webinars, workshops, and ng-India.

I look forward to working for MongoDB, learn amongst great people, grow, and keep serving the Indian developer community in helping them become job-ready.

Wish Me Luck.

2 thoughts on “Joined MongoDB

  1. Insightful! Sir your journey has been fascinating, would love to know more about it.

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