Recognized as Progress Ninja

I am very excited to share that I have been recognized as Progress Ninja by Progress Telerik.

Thanks,  Progress Telerik, for recognizing me as one of the Progress Ninja. I am happy and excited to work with the Progress developer community and developer community in general.

As of now, there are six Progress Ninjas, and you can find details about them here:

A bit of past

On this happy occasion, let me share with you something about my past.  In the year 2011, I became Telerik MVP, and in the year 2012, I joined Telerik as their First Developer Evangelist in India. It was the biggest break of my career, as I always wanted to be Developer Evangelist and help the developer communities across the globe.

I worked there until 2014 and had tremendous opportunities to learn, grow, and serve the customers and the communities. The below photo is my first photo from Telerik First Office in India. Good old times 😊

Finally, I like to thank Sam Basu and the whole Progress Telerik Dev Rel and the documentation team for the help.  You can read my articles on the Progress Telerik blog here:

If you have reached up to here, Thank you and lot of love regardless of everything 😊

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