ng-India Free Webinar: Simplifying Change Detection in Angular

On Saturday, 2nd May 2020, 7PM IST, ng-India is hosting a webinar on – “Simplifying Change Detector in Angular”. It is free to attend.  Excited ?



Angular can detect when data changes in the component, and can re-render the view to display the updated data. Angular makes sure that always data in the component and the view are in sync with each other.
The part of the Angular framework, which does it, is called Change Detector.

In this PPT-LESS Live Coding Webinar, you will learn about everything about Change Detection in Angular. In the webinar following topics will be covered:

In the webinar following topic will be covered:

  • What is Change Detection
  • Default strategy
  • onPush strategy
  • Change Detector Tree
  • Using observable to reduce the number of checks
  • Using async pipe
  • Detaching Pattern to improve performance
  • Understanding detectChaages , markForCheck , reattach
  • Change Detector in nested components

Your take away from the webinar will be a better and deep understanding of Change Detector such that you can write better performant Angular application.


Saturday, 2nd May 2020 at 7 PM IST (GMT + 5.30) |  9.30 AM EST


The webinar will be a live stream on geek97 YouTube Channel.   To join the live stream subscribe to the channel:

For further communication,  you can RSVP here:


The webinar will be presented by Dhananjay Kumar.  Dhananjay Kumar is an independent trainer and consultant from India. He is a published author, a well-known speaker, a Google Developer Expert, and a 10-time winner of the Microsoft MVP Award.

He is the founder of geek97, which trains developers on various technologies so that they can be job-ready, and organizes India’s largest Angular Conference, ng-India.

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