How to use Interceptor in Angular

Interceptors are used to intercepts HTTP requests and responses from the application. You can handle them or transform them before passing it on. For example, you can use an interceptor to add authorization token before passing the HTTP request or cache the HTTP response. Some of the usages of interceptors are as follows, Caching of … Continue reading How to use Interceptor in Angular

Delivering two talks at Devfest Gandhinagar 2019

Ahmadabad is always very close to me as I did my first public speaking in this city back on 24 July 2010.  Since then I have been trying to do at least one workshop or talk each year here, so continuing the ritual, I am again coming to Ahmadabad/Gandhinagar on 13th October to speak in … Continue reading Delivering two talks at Devfest Gandhinagar 2019

Simplifying Maps in the JavaScript

Maps is a data structure, which stores the key/value pair in an ordered way.  Since the inception of the JavaScript, objects are primarily used for the map.  Consider the below code listing:   To store two key/value pairs, we have created an object foo and using the keys such as id and color to retrieve … Continue reading Simplifying Maps in the JavaScript