Delivering talk on JavaScript object and prototype in Chandigarh and Pune


Yes, Christmas is here and we all are in festival mood. However, before going on the holidays, as evangelist of Infragistics, I am delivering talk on “You do not know JavaScript object and prototype” talk in Chandigarh and Pune on 6 December and 8 December respectively. Before you read details about these talks, do check Ignite UI for Angular

Chandigarh event

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6 December from 6 PM to 8 PM.


Soft Prodigy System Solutions Pvt Ltd

Dibon Building ,3rd floor, Sec-67

IT Park, Mohali

Contact No – 7626936380

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Pune event

Know more about event here.


8 December from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM


5thFloor, A – wing,

MCCIA Trade Towers,

International Convention Center,

403, Senapati Bapat Road,

Pune- 411016.

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What will you learn?

It is a long time debate that whether JavaScript is an Object Oriented Language or not? We all know that it is not, then how almost everything in JavaScript is an object. If we do not have class (yes in ECMA 6, there is a keyword class syntax introduced but that is not a real class anyway) then how objects are created?

Answer of all above questions lie in understanding of following concepts,

  • Different ways of JavaScript object creation
  • prototypes and prototype chain
  • this keyword
  • __proto__

JavaScript objects are much more than what you see in an object literal. In addition, above concepts are pivotal, because they are foundational to do real programming with JavaScript.

This session will simplify these backbone topics of JavaScript language. As a starter, JavaScript is a prototype based language in which object is created by another object, and in order to do that it creates a prototype chain. Having a good understanding of prototype is required to write real JavaScript applications or to work effectively with popular JavaScript Frameworks.

This session will be combination of live coding and visualization of concepts as drawing on the white board. At the end of the sessions, you will have good understanding of following:

Different ways of creating JavaScript Objects

  • Object Literals
  • Constructor invocation pattern
  • Object.Create() method
  • Using class

Object Property Descriptor

  • Writable
  • Enumerable
  • Configurable
  • freeze
  • seal
  • preventExtension

What is value of ‘this’

  • Apply
  • Call
  • call site

JavaScript Prototypes and __proto__

  • Constructor
  • Prototype
  • __proto__
  • Prototype chain

Inheritance [optional]

  • Prototype linking
  • Creating Inheritance

Having good understanding of above concept helps you to write better JavaScript application.  I hope to see you in the talk. Also do you know about India’s largest Angular conference , ng-India ?

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