Request to Respected Sushma Swaraj Mam for Speed Passport Renewal

Respected Mam,

Subject : Help me in getting my renewed passport earliest such that I don’t miss chance to speak in conferences on Poland and USA .

To start with thanks for your impeccable work as MEA for our country. Your grace in solving even trivial of issues of ordinary citizens like me delights all of us.

I am writing this, to request you to help me in getting my Passport renewed as earliest. I understand that in democracy of more than 1.5 billion citizens, perhaps there would be many requests much more important that mine; still I decided to try to luck.

As of my introduction, my name is Dhananjay Kumar. I am a technical blogger, speaker and a teacher. For my work for developer community, I have been awarded prestigious Microsoft MVP award 9 times in last 9 years.

Now coming to request. My passport got expired in mid of September. I applied for renewal in Gurgaon Passport Seva Kendra. For some reason they told me that one signature is missing in my rent agreement and gave me next date of 21 October which was 1 month later.

I reapplied this time in my home town Jamshedpur such that I don’t get stuck in problem of rent agreement again. They accepted my application but told me that it would take 1 month to renew my passport.

Mam, I have been selected to speak in international conferences in Poland and USA in November and December. Details below : : Poland Angular Conference : Poland JavaScript Conference : World BlockChain Conference

If I don’t get my passport at earliest, I will miss opportunity to speak in these conferences and representation of our country.

Hence, I request you to help me in getting my renewed passport at earliest. My passport file number is : RC01C4161166818

Regardless respect for your work mam.

Thanks with Regards

Dhananjay Kumar

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