Proud to present in East India Largest Tech Conference TechBhubaneswar

I will start with TechBhubaneswar is one of the best-organized conference. Disciplined volunteers, visionary core team members, and electrifying audiences. It was surely a gala gathering of more than 500 techie in beautiful city of Bhubaneswar. I am humbled that I was invited as speaker. I had proud moment representing Infragistics in esteem conference and teaching some JavaScript to 250 developers.

You can watch my talk here:


On 10 December 2017, I had an opportunity to give a talk in East India Largest Developer Conference, TechBhubnaeswar. I presented on “JavaScript Objects and Prototypes”.


About the conference

TechBhubaneswar is East India largest tech conference, which brings together minds that are excited about headways, expansions and possibilities in the field of Software Industry. The event is hosted by Mindfire solution to inspire young techie minds to imagine and pursue. This was their second edition, and in a single day conference comprise of 12 sessions in 3 tracks and 1 panel discussion.


It was one of the best-organized conference attended by me. Each volunteer and members were highly motivated to deliver best experience to both speakers and attendees. I admire vison of Mindfire solution to bring esteem speakers to this part of India and nurture great tech eco system. Congrats to them for their awesome work.

About my talk

My talk was just after respected Shivprasad Koirala. He gave a very informative talk on Design Patterns in C#. I was bit nervous that how audience would take my session on JavaScript Objects and Prototypes.


As JavaScript prototypes are always confused for all of us, so I had a tricky task ahead of me to simplify this topic to 250 audiences. I had to use white board in a conference to simplify prototypes and __proto__ to developers.

I divided my one-hour talk in four section and did four major demos to teach these topics. I logically divided talk in four parts as,


I have written extensively about these topics on Infragistics blog here feel free to refer them. It was one of the best audience, I have ever presented too.


At the end, I found happy faces and it was good. Positive energy of each single audience motivated me and I thank them for bottom of heart.


You can watch talk here:

Once again, I thank TechBhubaneswar team for this opportunity and I look forward for next year conference.

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