What is the arguments object in a JavaScript function?

A JavaScript function has array-like objects called arguments which correspond to the arguments passed to the function. All arguments passed to a JavaScript function can be referred using the arguments object. 

Now as we get started, let’s consider the code listed here:


In the above function, num1 and num2 are two arguments.  You can refer to these arguments using the arguments named num1 and num2. Besides the arguments name, you can also refer to them using a JavaScript array like the object arguments. So, the above function can be rewritten as shown in the listing below:


In JavaScript functions, the arguments object is used to access or refer to all arguments passed to the function. The arguments object is a local variable available to the function. The length of the arguments object is equal to the number of arguments passed to the function.  Let us consider the code below, where you’ll get 2 as an output because two arguments have been passed to the function:

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