Hosted workshop on SPA using AngularJS for BirlaSoft

On Saturday 18th July, for Infragistics, I delivered a workshop on Single Page Application using AngularJS for BirlaSoft . A special thanks to C-SharpCorner Delhi Chapter for arranging the workshop.


5 Hrs. long workshop was attended by around 45 engineers. We learnt about the following topics,

  • Introduction of AngularJS
  • Controller and $scope
  • Views and Routing in AngularJS
  • Directives
  • CORS in Web API
  • Ignite UI with AngularJS

We were mange to create an end to end AngularJS based Single Page application performing CRUD operation using the ASP.NET Web API.

Audience participations was highly energetic and some of their feedback are motivating for us. One of such feedback is below:



Overall it was productive Saturday for all of us and I personally had fun time teaching engineers of BirlaSoft.


Once again big thank you to Infragistics and C# Corner Delhi chapter for the opportunity. If you are interested in such workshop for your organization, feel free to reach us.

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