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As part of the webinar series in the India time zone, Infragistics is hosting another webinar on the –Learning SOLILD principles using C# . I am excited to share that I will be hosting this webinar along with my colleague Anand.

Webinar is on 19th June from 3 PM to 4 PM IST.

Register for the webinar here

About the Topic

SOLID principles are the five basic principles of object-oriented programming and design. Systems created using these principles are easy to extend and maintain over time, making them a wise choice. But where do you begin to learn about them?

In this upcoming webinar, we’ll explore all of the basic SOLID principles, including:

  • The Single responsibility principle;
  • The Open Closed principle;
  • The Liskov substitution principle;
  • The Interface segregation principle; and
  • The Dependency Inversion

Additionally, you’ll learn how to create a system by adhering to the SOLID principles we explore, using C# as a language to understand the principles.

Register for the webinar here. I am excited to see you in the webinar.


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