Discount for my blog readers for video tutorial on WatchMeCode


Many of you have asked me recently that how I learn JavaScript and other related stuff. One of the resource, I heavily rely and learn from is WatchMeCode videos by Derick Bailey. I watch videos published here. Clearly videos demonstrate deep understanding of Derick on the subject and certainly you will be benefited by his teaching.

About WatchMeCode

WatchMeCode is a video tutorial site by Derick. He publishes various episodes here. You can find videos on following topics to learn.


As of now there are total 60 episodes and counting. Out of 60, few episodes are free to watch. There are episodes on JavaScript, Node, MongoDB etc. I am sure these episodes from none other than Derick will add lot of values to your learning and in your projects.

Find all episodes here

About Derick Bailey

Derick is a popular author, blogger and JavaScript lover. He blogs at and you can follow his tweets at .

How I can help to get subscription?

WatchMeCode monthly subscription is of $ 14 (roughly 840 RS. Per month). I can help you in getting the subscription in $9(roughly less than 500 RS. Per month). To get the discount coupon send me a mail on debugmode[at]outlook[dot] com or tweet me at

I would say WatchMeCode worth much more than 500 RS and you must transact 500 RS per month to learn from one of the best in our industry.

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